• Date: 22-03-2017, 09:11

Jessie Lynne (2017) HD 720p

Jessie Lynne is really hoping to make some extra cash by babysitting for the Castles, but she hasnt heard back from them ever since their first phone call. She faces that issue by knocking on Johnnys door and talking with him face-to-face, which turns out to be the best thing she could have done in more ways than one! Not only does Johnny give her the job, but she finds out his wife is out of town, which makes the timing perfect for Jessie to seduce her new boss! Watch as the horny young nanny fulfills all of her desires!

  • Date: 21-03-2017, 08:33

Sarah Vandella (2017) HD 720p

Its St. Patricks Day, and Sarah Vandellas feeling extra lucky! So much so that shes even planted a little lucky surprise in her ass for her man Johnny. She was planning on giving him the anal sex of his life after they attend their friends party, but hes so enamored with the emerald jewel in her ass that he cant handle himself! Sarah decides her lecherous leprechaun has been good enough to her that shes willing to give him what he wants, but only if he kisses her Blarney ass! Happy St. Patricks Day from Naughty America!

  • Date: 19-03-2017, 08:49

Brandi Love (2017) HD 720p

Brandi Love recently moved into a penthouse, but it looks like she needs help fixing one of the most important fixtures in her home the bidet! She calls the concierge to get it sorted out, and soon up comes the night desk manager to assess the situation. Lucky for Brandi, he only finds that the bidet needs plugged in! But even luckier for Brandi, her husbands traveling yet again, and shes got a single, young stud in the right place at the right time! The busty cougar strips down to some lingerie while the night manager is attending to business, but when he turns around Brandis ready for him to help her with what really needs attention her wet pussy!

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Marica Hase (2017) HD 720p

Marica Hase had your dick last night, and now shes ready for more! Can you keep up with this little Asian doll? Youd better, because shes about to sit on your cock again until you make her cum! Power up and let this cutie give you a sloppy blowjob until youre good and ready to turn her around and fuck her doggystyle. Shell faun over your hard dick in her foreign accent and moan and groan while you plow her into ecstasy. Shell be so happy that shell give you the happiest handjob ever to finish you off!


Violet Starr & Ryan Driller [HD 1080p] (2017/MyFriendsHotGirl.com/2.62GB)

Ryans pissed because there isnt any food in the house, all thanks to his roommate and his roommates girlfriend Violet Starr. Shes about to step into the hot tub when she walks in on him muttering about the food situation, so she asks him whats wrong. He tells her, but she finds out that the root of the problem is that Ryan has the hots for her! She struts around with her big natural tits and fat ass poking out everywhere, and hes relegated to jerking off in his room while his buddy bangs her. Well, not today! Violet is not only flattered, but shes concerned for Ryans welfare. So, with her boyfriend at work, she takes control of the situation as she sees fit by shoving her tits in Ryans face, sucking his cock, and fucking all the jealousy out of him!


Angela White & Johnny Castle [HD 1080p] (2017/DirtyWivesClub.com/2.45GB)

Whats better than your buddy lending you his house and his gym inside his house for the week? Lending you his hot, Aussie wife, too! Johnny is pleasantly surprised when his buddys wife Angela is all flirty with him while hes working out at her and her husbands home gym. But when she shows up later in full lingerie for Johnny, he learns that her out-of-town husband is actually watching Angela seduce him through the home security system! The married couple teamed up for a little voyeurism since hubbys always gone on businessand Johnnys the lucky victim who gets Angelas big natural tits in his face!


Chanell Heart, Lacey London & Johnny Castle [HD 1080p] (2017/2ChicksSameTime.com/2.15GB)

What would you do if you walked in on your girl having sex with another girl? Its quite the conundrum for Johnny, who finds his babe Chanell Heart gettin all lickety-split with their neighbor, Lacey London. Its a surprise for Johnny, but he turns it into a pleasant one at that, as he sits to watch the ebony beauties bathe in each others tongues. But its only a matter of time before Johnnys invited to join in on the fun, so the trio moves upstairs to the bedroom for a little black-on-white-on-black climb! Arriving home from work and stepping into a threesome with two sexy, natural black women one of whom is your girlfriend, and the other your neighborhows that for a weeknight?


Olive & Charles Dera [HD 1080p] (2017/NaughtyAthletics.com/2.76GB)

Ever since breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Olive has been working hard to get in shape and feel sexy again. She owes much of it to her trainer, Charles, whos been kicking her ass on a daily basis to make it look so good! and when she learns that Charles is actually divorced and not seeing anyone, she decides the time is right to show him the gratitude he deserves her wet pussy and shapely, natural tits! No extra charge for the extra workout!


Avi Love & Lucas Frost [HD 1080p] (2017/MyFriendsHotGirl.com/2.72GB)

It was Avi Loves birthday the other night, and it sucked ass! Shes pissed because her boyfriend just got drunk off his ass and she had to babysit him the whole time. His buddy and roommate Lucas consoles her and cheers her up with a gift a couple sets of bra and panties! A little awkward, but Lucas claims its a couples gift. Nonetheless, Avi loves itso much so that she tries the lingerie on for him! Hes weirded out that his friends girlfriend is posing in her underwear for him while theyre ALONE in the house, and she doesnt even mind that he sees her bush. In fact, she doesnt mind if he licks her bush up and down, then stuffs his stiff dick in her mouth and pussy until she and he both cum! Boyfriend? Pfffffffft!


Eva Lovia & Johnny Castle [HD 1080p] (2017/NaughtyOffice.com/2.58GB)

Its Employee Appreciation Day, and Eva Lovias in for quite the treat! Her boss, Johnny, has been extremely pleased with her work ethic and the results shes produced since working for him, so hes more than happy to reward her with a little somethin. But unsuspecting Eva cant believe her eyes when she opens her gift to find a pearl necklace! Shes so happy that she wants her boss to give her another pearl necklace, right from his dick! Eva strips down to her sexy lingerie and stockings to show Johnny just how appreciative of him she is, too. He has just enough time to appreciate her big ass before the big conference!


Julia Ann & Tyler Nixon [HD 720p] (2017/MyFriendsHotMom.com/1.64GB)

When you need to make some extra money, theres always a hot horny MILF who needs some work done around the house! As is the case with Julia Ann, whos willing to help her sons friend Tyler put a little extra change in his pocket. She puts Tyler to work by having him clean her pool, and then sweetens the deal by putting him to work on her hot pussy! The big tits hot mom warms up Tylers dick with just enough time to spare to get cleaned up, proper and warm up dinner for her son when he gets home!


Kagney Linn Karter & Chad White [HD 720p] (2017/DirtyWivesClub.com/1.51GB)

Who says women dont cheat? Not Kagney Linn Karter. In fact, shes married and is hard up for a hard cock. Her husband isnt doing his, well, husbandly duties, so Kagneys determined to go from a lonely wife to a dirty wife. After just a few webpage clicks, the big-tits blonde finds herself in fishnets, lingerie and a trench coat, arriving at the home of a hired big dick whos available to give her what she wants


Lena Paul & Johnny Castle [HD 720p] (2017/MyFriendsHotGirl.com/1.38GB)

Show your tits! Show your tits! Lena Paul has no problem doing that, even to her boyfriends buddy, Johnny! Hes over at her house to pick her up and head out to a Mardi Gras party that her dumb-ass boyfriend didnt want to go to! Thats too bad for him, because Lenas got a great rack, and Johnnys got a LOT of beads to hand out! Its Fat Tuesday, and Lenas fat natural tits are coming to the party to drain Johnnys doubloons while her boyfriend does jack shit! Let the good times roll, or as they say in New Orleans, laissez les bons temps rouler!


Lily Jordan & Chad White [HD 720p] (2017/MySistersHotFriend.com/858MB)

The volleyball playoffs are coming up, and Lily Jordan is in dire need of practicing her serve. Her teammate is a no-show when she needs to practice, but her teammates brother Chad is home, and hes more than happy to help Lily with her serving form. So happy to help that he forms her hand all over his big dick! Lilys surprised at first, but pleasantly at that, and decidedly serves Chads cock right into her mouth. They bump, and Lily sets Chad up perfectly to spike his dick right into her wet pussy no block necessary!


Kylie Page & Johnny Castle [HD 1080p] (2017/DiaryofaNanny.com/2.98GB)

Whats the best way to get your employers attention? Fall off your bike! Thats what nanny Kylie Page does to get her boss Johnny to look at her especially when his wifes out of town! Poor Kylie arrives at his house all bruised up with her bike and tells him what happened, in hopes that hell take care of her. Lucky for her, Johnny goes straight for the ice pack and soothes her pain. And with her big natural tits and bubble butt busting out everywhere, he cant help but soothe his aching balls by fucking his nanny and cumming all over her!


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