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Sara Jay - Sara Jay Takes On Bruno [HD 720p] (2015/ MB)


Tiffany Tyler - Hang Up And Fuck Me [HD 720p] (2015/ MB)


 Zilda - Swim Coach  [HD 720p] (2013/ Mb)

Skinny 18yo girl Zilda was improving in her swimming technique and so she decided to take several private classes from a professional swim coach. Unfortunately, Zilda wasn't aware of the the strict training regime he's going to put her through. Angry girl takes advantage of the situation to teach him discipline, then she degrades and sexually punishes a poor man


 Victoria, Katie - Free Hugs Again  [HD 720p] (2013/,21 Gb)

Free Hugs action becomes a popular game among young euro dommes that search the narrow cobblestone streets for a perfect submissive male slave. Tonight these cruel and demanding girls will tease and torture another innocent guy they met right in the center of Prague and won't let him go until he fulfills their creepy fantasies and pleasures. and sexually punishes a poor man


Tiffany Tyler - Hang Up And Fuck Me [SD 480p] (2015/ MB)


 Sweet Cat, Barbra - Pooltable  [HD 720p] (2012/,35 Gb)

A pool game goes really wrong when a guy begins to annoy and piss off his female opponents so the babes decide to tie and whip a poor bastard to make him regret everything he has said! Of course, he will apologize and beg to let him go, but these two insatiable pool players won't have any mercy: guy is going to pass through a series of humiliating and painful exercises and punishments to deserve their forgiveness


 Sofie, Nela - Unlucky Plumper  [HD 720p] (2012/,32 Gb)

Sofie calls for a plumber when she discovers that no water coming from the water taps. The plumber tries to fix it but it doesn't work out and when it's finally clear that the problem cannot be fixed pissed off Sofie and her sexy roommate Nela cruelly punish the plumber for his unprofessionalism


 Sandra, Victoria Blaze - Car Accident  [HD 720p] (2012/,46 Gb)

If you had a car accident you should always contact your car insurer but never accept help from strangers even if they are two beautiful young girls. Fanda ignored this rule and was an easy catch for the dominatrices Sandra and Victoria Blaze. They took him home using some stupid excuse and Fanda only realized they were going to boss him around and do whatever they want to him when it was too late to run away!


 Luci, Kara - Teen Boxers  [HD 720p] (2012/,52 Gb)

Crazy teen domination episode featuring two 18yo wanna-be boxers and their male referee! Fighters are young, they both are in perfect shape and both have a huge dose of aggression, self-esteem and lack of respect. Not only you will see two hot girls fighting in sexy fetish action but these sexy rivals are going to unite to fight and dominate their referee to a knockout! Unlucky dude didn't expect anything like this to happen ;-)


Sara Jay - Sara Jay Vs Juan Largo [HD 720p] (2015/ MB)


 Kiki, Sandra - Toilet  [HD 720p] (2012/,49 Gb)

A poor boy submits to two naughty college teens and accepts his harsh punishment for spying on pissing girls! Sexy dominas Kiki and Sandra blindfold and gag him, then facesit him and tell him to worship their feet, and then stroke & tag his cock as they please. He's going to remember his first femdom experience in the toilet forever after all the humiliation and embarrassment, and after getting his cock controlled by these cock starved bitches and serving them as an obedient sex toy


 Kiki, Adel - Offices Bitches  [HD 720p] (2012/,57 Gb)

Kiki and Adel run a small company and at their free time practice in how to make a perfect slave of a man. One day they stay late in the office and when everyone's gone they decide to order a pizza... See what happened to a poor pizza delivery guy and how he had to fulfill their kinky sex fantasies! First, girls tied him up with sticky bdsm tape, then whipped his cock hard and erected it with a penis pump but wouldn't let him cum until they tried all their fetish fantasies on a poor dude


Sara Jay - Sara Jay Knocks Out The Champ [HD 720p] (2015/ MB)


 Kat - Gardener  [HD 720p] (2013/,01 Gb)

18yo blond cutie Kat decided to punish her new handsome gardener for smoking instead of properly mowing her lawn. One day when he was as usually taking time off his work Kat showed up wearing her favorite painful high-heeled boots and demonstrated to the gardener her bitchy, sex-starved attitude and domineering nature. Believe us, Kat's spanking, facesitting and cock-control skills were quite enough to make him quit smoking forever


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